Learn Ways to Use Reverse Image Search for Competitor Research



What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a miraculous technique that uses an image or a text-based query. A user needs to upload an image or a keyword onto the image search engine to get a list of information about that image. This technique helps you to track competitor’s progress as well. This search technique provides information about file type, image source, image size along with websites using the image as well as related images. It will also help to track images online and analyze their Authenticity. It can Detect Fake Profiles and Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by offering the opportunity to beat competitors.

How to Reverse Image Search?

There are many ways to perform a reverse image search online. You can use Google to search by image and find plenty of image results in no time. It’s a free option and helps to get a handsome amount of information about competitors to improve strategies. You can also use a third-party reverse image search tool to figure out what type of content is published on competitor’s websites. The utility will help to find competitor’s audience and their level. In this way, it becomes easy for you to spot the content gaps and then create content accordingly to get more traffic. It will also help you to find image sources so that you can add backlinks to increase credibility and authenticity. Reverse picture search helps to know what are the best themes that your competitors are using to decide which posts should be shared on social media. The utility will help you track images online and analyze their authenticity. it can detect fake profiles and improve search engine optimization (SEO) by offering the opportunity to beat competitors.

How might you utilize Reverse Image Search for Competitor Research?

There are many ways to utilized Reverse Image Search for competitor research. Some of them are as follows:

1.   To understand potential Competitors

It is very important to know all the potential competitors inside out, even before entering the market. If someone is familiar with their opponents, they can alter and modify their marketing strategy to beat them accordingly. For instance, if a company is selling home-based shampoos on an e-commerce site, they can find other similar websites that sell the same product. Reverse image search allows them to see and comprehend their direct competition, investigating their marketing material. With this technique, it becomes easy to see their infographics, image nomenclature, and many other significant factors that can be very helpful to increase sales and production in a better way.

2.   Get various Backlinks

Reverse image search is one of the best link-building strategies. if there are not enough backlinks then 90 % of websites won’t get traffic from Google. By upload a specific image of a competitor’s headshot or their company logo, it becomes easy to see where they got inbound links. In this way, you can grab a collection of reputable backlink opportunities. By investigating where your competitors are getting links, it becomes easy to determine what sites are helpful to grow their authority and get some of them for yourself. As they can be helpful to grow traffic, build authority, and potentially one-up your competitor.

3.   To connect with other Websites

Finding some specific websites that align with a particular brand’s voice and vision seems like a blessing. Focusing on websites that possess high website traffic and engagement, always appeals to the consumer band. Reverse image search helps companies to get a list of such websites so that they can prepare a pitch. As there is now a huge quantity of content on the internet today, everybody wants different ideas. RIS helps people to find and concentrate on articles that represent their expertise. By solving consumer problems, it becomes easy to tackle a previously untouched topic.

4.   Know about Top Trends

Reverse image search is very beneficial for fashion brands, fast food brands, and other quick consumables to get to know their competition in a better way and then to make some amendments. So it becomes very convenient to Keep an eye on what’s trending in the relevant industry and to carefully observe that every potential competitor responds to them.

5.   See competitor’s Product Descriptions

There is no doubt in saying that a well-written product description always goes a long way in inducing a sale. Reverse image search helps you to find different product descriptions among competitors. In this way, you’ll find the opportunities to write more appealing product descriptions to rank your products high in search results. When a user enters a related keyword the filters of reverse image search will give keywords used by different competitors for their product title.

6.   Find a Photograph used by competitors

It will be great to utilize a headshot of the individual who might be credited as the creator. You can likewise utilize that individual’s LinkedIn profile picture. A user needs to open google to load the reverse image search feature. by Clicking on the camera icon, they can Choose the headshot or logo they already have and Start Looking for Opportunities that all the potential competitors are using. It will help them to find sites they want backlinks from or to write guest posts for. It also helps to get competitor’s listed resource pages or niche directories.

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