Everything You Need to Know About AR-15 Lower Receivers

Many people in gun forums wish to know more about lower receivers, including the best ones to buy. While there are many superior options, narrowing them down to find the most suitable one is challenging. However, you should not consider having many options a bad thing, as long as you have the relevant information to make a smart decision. Getting the nitty-gritty of an AR-15 lower receiver is important, and this article will help you understand them better.

Manufacturing Process

While some AR-15 receivers are made from titanium, polymer, and steel, most of them are manufactured using either the 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 aluminum alloys. Besides the differences in cost, 7075-T6 is stronger while 6061-T6 is more corrosive resistant. However, corrosive resistance should not affect your choice unless the receiver is made of bare aluminum.

An AR-15 lower receiver can either be manufactured using three ways, cast aluminum, billet aluminum, or forged aluminum. Forged aluminum is the most common and most robust and ideal for an AR-15 you intend on hauling around or using frequently.

Where To Purchase An AR-15 Lower Receiver

Once you pick your budget, preferred brand and style, and must-have features, it is time to shop. Luckily, there are many places you can visit, both offline and online, to ensure you get a high-quality AR-15 lower receiver at an affordable price.


Multiple websites sell lower receivers. You can also check social media platforms for someone who might be selling a used one. The benefits of shopping online include the multiple sellers at your disposal, shopping at the comfort of your home, and doing research in real-time. Due to the stiff competition and low overhead for online retailers, you can find a lower receiver at the lowest price.

Unfortunately, you cannot physically handle the AR-15 lower receiver before buying it. Fortunately, most reputable retailers offer lenient return policies and money-back guarantees.

Gun Shops

Besides supporting a local business, gun shops offer an invaluable experience and a chance to experience, feel and touch the product before buying it. Depending on the shop you pick, you may also receive great customer service. Unfortunately, you will incur overhead costs if you shop in a gun shop, but that does not mean you will not get a favorable deal.

Gun Shows

Many retailers go to gun shows, and that creates stiff competition, giving you a chance to get an AR-15 lower receiver at a lower price. Bigger shows can be overwhelming, making the experience undesirable. You will also have to compete with other buyers, which may lead to missing out on great deals if you do not act quickly.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An AR-15 Lower Receiver

You want to buy an AR-15 lower receiver from a manufacturer that focuses on quality and attention to detail because it translates into a reliable and appealing product. You should consider the following:


Durability is a significant consideration when buying an AR-15 lower receiver. Go for high-quality material to ensure your receiver functions for a long time before you have to replace it. It should withstand the inevitable wear and tear.

Quality Control

Proper machining makes sure every part of the AR-15 lower receiver function properly. Some of the areas that tend to have quality control problems include pivot/takedown pin holes, magazine wells, and roll pinholes.


Go for a blemish and defect-free finish for appealing aesthetics and protection from destructive elements and chemical corrosion. Popular finishes are hardcoat anodized (Type III), duracoat, and cerakote.

Hopefully, this has enriched your AR-15 lower receiver’s knowledge and made purchasing less challenging. Remember to ask questions, read, learn, and buy from a reliable source.

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