Don’t Cross The Streams: The Tech Of Contemporary “Ghost Hunting”



Don’t be afraid of ghosts. Hear something strange? Chills down your spine? With no one to call? Dump your worries because ghost hunting equipment exists!

If you think that a saucepan and a pistol would do the trick, you’re a dead man. Ghost-hunting doesn’t work that way. In the process of investigating, paranormal experts have to make sure they don’t upset or provoke the spirits – or else, you’d be a corpse. To capture creepy movements, unusual sounds, and activities, you need to fill your duffle bag with a few ghostly essentials, AKA paranormal investigation devices.

Ghost-hunting gear is only as right as the hunter who uses it. Non-techy equipment can be just as useful in investigating ghostly presences as the most sophisticated instruments, as long as it is in the right hands. But to ensure nothing goes wrong, having high-end ghost-hunting devices can save you the trouble. After all, any report’s value is only as good as the investigator who created it. The perfect stories are never reliant on the equipment being useful.

If you’re a newbie to the ghost-hunting world, read on to discover what type of equipment will serve you best!

  1. Smartphone

Since we’re talking about “contemporary” ghost-hunting devices, a smartphone might seem like an obvious addition. Still, many unaware investigators go on hunts without their phones, and they return with a gleamy look in their eyes.

You never know what might happen. Who knows, you might need to call 911 or a friend who is an expert in ghost-ology. So if you have a smartphone (obviously, you do), add it to your ghost hunting gear list. It’ll give you an extra camera, a digital recorder, and a flashlight – win-win!

  1. EVP Detector

Anything that has the word “detector” is probably worth the buy, mainly to use for ghost-hunting ventures. And so, an electronic voice phenomenon detector is indispensable in any ghost hunters’ gear. EVPs are audio recorders designed to pick up sounds of human speech imperceptible to the human ear.

Mainly because of the high occurrence of noise delivered from cell phones, radios, walkie-talkies, and more. Though there’s a good chance, you are merely gathering static radio transmissions and a butt-load of background noise – not whispers from the underworld.

  1. EMF Gauge

In case you didn’t know, ghosts aren’t a product of the “sand;” but of energy. For such energies, an electromagnetic field gauge is critical. Without an EMF gauge, you won’t be able to discover and identify fluctuations in the field around you – caused by ghostly appearances.

Furthermore, it would be best if you didn’t wire yourself to panic every time your EMF gauge picks up readings. It could be from electrical outlets or appliances.

Tip: if you don’t feel like adding an EMF gauge to your list of ghostly-things, you can do it the old-fashioned way – with a compass and a needle. Just keep your eyes on the arrow and wait for it to give you a signal. If it is struggling to find magnetic north, there’s a good chance something unholy is near you.

  1. Digital Camcorder with Night Vision

Indeed, digital camcorders are excellent for documenting hunts, for no matter what purpose!

With such a device, you can hunt and capture images during your exploration. Additionally, a camcorder with night vision takes away the need to buy an additional night vision camera. On top of that, these devices come with an attachable microphone for improved audio. It is preferable to record your ventures and review them later!

  1. White-noise Generator

Undoubtedly, white noises are excellent for offering a peaceful sleep. However, a white-noise generator can provide much help during ghost-hunting.

White-noise generators are designed in a unique way to generate static sounds via different audio frequencies, allegedly when combined with an EVP detector. A few ghost hunters believe that white noise acts as a foundation to help filter out background noises to hear only spirit noises. But in actuality, television and radio diffusions still bleed through.

Furthermore, as simple as they may seem, many ghostbusters neglect white-noise generators only because they are a bit bulky to carry around.

  1. Full-Spectrum Camera and Camcorder

If you want to take a photograph of your spooky fellow, you need a digital camera. After all, this is how ghost hunters take photos of spirits in UV light and infrared spectra. The apparitions appear as mist, smoke, orbs – all of which can get judged through typical camera tricks.

Furthermore, the reflection of rain can also create orbs in a picture, as can dust on the lens or reflections of a camera.

  1. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

These types of cameras are a must-have when hunting for ghosts!

Infrared thermal imaging cameras display temperature and heat fluctuations. They provide supposed “chilly spots” that ghostbusters use as proof of an unusual presence. However, similar to the cold areas that digital thermometers discover, the low-temperature sites these cameras pick up could be due to convection, poor insulation, air leak, or wind chill. Still, when caught right, infrared thermal imaging cameras provide consistent results.

  1. Digital thermometer

When it comes to recording precise temperature fluctuations, a digital thermometer will be the best choice. As you already know, haunted locations are always experiencing temperature changes. With a digital thermometer, these alterations can get noted.

If you plan to include a digital thermometer in your ghost-hunting gear, make sure it is more than a surface thermometer. Remember to buy one that measures ambient fluctuations as well.

Tip: while ghost-hunting with a digital thermometer, never point the device at windows or metal, particularly in cold situations. They will always provide much higher readings than the ambient temperature in the area. That could lead to a massive misinterpretation, so be cautious.


Unfortunately, the list of ghost-hunting essentials ends here!

Communicating and investigating ghosts isn’t a walk in the park; there’s a lot of fear and bravery at the same time. Paranormal experts can only return with success if they fill their ghost box with all of the above-said devices.

You must know, none of these devices has ever failed to provide precise and successful outcomes.  There’s a great chance you’ll be uncovering the secrets of the underworld via the power of ghostly equipment.

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