Artificial intelligence and SEO: 5 strategies you need to follow



The Internet has treaded upon roads human has not, quite technically. There are several functions a human cannot perform, but a robot can. Artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, is the cumulative term used to refer to the intelligence used in automated technologies like autopilot, robots, etc., that can mimic the human level of critical thinking, if not copy it. This can also be put to use in improving SEO statistics and their functionality.

SEO can be defined as the optimization of a search engine for a particular website in order to bring in more traffic. As may be known to many, more traffic is the sole factor to increase profit percentage as Google pays according to the number of persons visiting the website and number of hours the website is viewed for or stayed on cumulatively. SEO can be assisted by AI in order to get the best out of both technologies. There are few strategies that have been formulated, taking into consideration the trends and technicality of both the concepts, which have been described below. This can be put to use to fetch better results.

  1. Use of logistics: – AI can help in assessing the type of customers, type of content, type of keywords, etc. and thereby make a note of the hottest topic on the internet. There can be a varied use of these logistics in order to improve the demeanour of a website. There are two types of analysis done by Artificial Intelligence Certification, such as cluster analysis and predictive analysis. Cluster analysis is based on topics categorized by groups and their reach to the users, while the predictive analysis is solely based on keywords.
  2. Market analysis: – Markets for websites are online platforms. The market analysis here refers to the contents already posted or published on other competitor sites and their customers reach. The analytics can help form a pre forma about the points that need a more detailed review or a summary that has rarely been provided by any other website. This should be done before the creation of a website.
  3. Keyword optimization: – Although there is a gradual shift towards the quality of the content being the basis of search engine optimization, keywords shall never leave the arena. Keywords continue to stay at the top of the chart in order to assess the appropriateness of a search result. Thus, the use of trendy keywords in an appropriate way, along with keywords that are the best alternatives of the trendy ones, shall prove to fetch better results for the owner.
  4. Customer is king: – Customers’ review and feedback have become an important method of online business. Ratings are the first thing a customer looks for while purchasing something online, using an online resource, downloading an application or even getting information about a restaurant on Google map. Reviews written in word format by customers are in turn helpful for goggle to locate as to search that uses about the same keywords. Thus, aiming for a better customer experience and motivating them to review the service is a better strategy.
  5. Chatbots: – Chatbot is a word coined from the amalgamation of chatting and robot. This is a service that is being incorporated into webpage designs that can help customers to easily communicate with a human-like robot just like they would take the help of an employee to locate the aisle in a supermarket. The chatbots may be provided in the help section or as a compulsory dialogue box or a pop up on sensing frequent keyword changes to get better search results.

SEO or search engine optimization has recently been incorporated into several fields besides just online business proliferation. Content creators, fan pages and celebrity pages also use SEO to gain familiarity among the users. SEO in itself is a powerful tool for boosting business on an online platform. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, it gives the impetus that a website requires to become unique. Thus, the above five strategies have been discussed on how to use SEO in a better way for better remuneration from the online business using Search Engine Optimization and Artificial Intelligence together.

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