5 Pro Tips for How to Create a Facebook Ad Image



With a user count of over 3 billion people, advertising on Facebook seems like a no-brainer. With that number of eyes on your ads, coupled with the boosts in sales and brand awareness, what do you have to lose?

Well, if you don’t take the time to craft top-tier ads for Facebook, you risk getting lost in the sea of online ads and throwing money down the drain.

So what can you do to avoid this dreadful pitfall?

We’ll walk you through the top five pro tips for how to create a Facebook ad image that will grab the attention of your potential customers.

  1. Don’t Smother It in Text

One of the worst things you can do to your Facebook ad images is cluttering the ad up with loads and loads of text. For starters, Facebook will demote your ad in the rankings if the system recognizes too much text. A good rule of thumb is to make sure 20% or less of the image of the ad is covered in text.

Plus, you should try to use clear and engaging fonts for your text. Certain fonts become unreadable when compressed and sized to different formats.

  1. Convey Your Personality Through Your Ads

Whether you’ve contracted a designer to make your ads or are making your Facebook ads for free, you want to make sure that potential customers get an immediate idea of what your company is like through your ads.

For example, if you’re a company that prides itself on its relationship with its customers, including customer testimonials is a great way to showcase that. Or, if you want to convey that your company has bright, positive energy to it, use flashy colors in your ad rather than more muted tones.

  1. Use Images to Tell a Story

It’s easy to relegate images to being nothing more than set dressing. However, using images to convey information to potential consumers is a great way to draw them in. Use location-specific images for audiences in different parts of the world, so the ad feels more tailored to them.

Or, if your ad features a picture of a product, try to put in a picture of the product you have that’s the most “trendy” right now.

  1. Know Where the Ads are Going

Another important factor to consider with good ad design is where on Facebook you want the ad to go. For example, an ad that appears on the main timeline of a desktop Facebook feed can fit in more small details than the compressed screen of a Facebook feed on mobile.

Make sure you cater your ad to the platform it will appear on, so nothing gets lost in translation.

  1. Engage the Customer

Finally, you want to make ads that drive the customer to do something pronto. Whether that’s a limited-time deal or a “call to action” to get the customer to click a particular link, this kind of motivation will prove invaluable to getting more clicks on your ads.

Create a Facebook Ad Image and Master the Ad World

So now you know the top five tips on how to create a Facebook ad image. You can bring in the big bucks, so get out there and juice up your online ad campaign!

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