Best laptops for university undergraduates in 2021


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Technology has made it likely for students to conduct good research and create good content. However, the students require proper laptops to help them achieve their research objectives. We have the best laptop options for university students.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting the best laptops for students can hold power and durability. They can be able to do all – from searching the web for the sites to write cheap essays for money to calculating in engineering programs. The best thing is that you will always get an ideal laptop that will suit your needs as a student despite your budget. Below are some of the laptops you can consider as a student.

The laptop retails between $ 399 and $536.35. The features include 4GB-8GB RAM storage space, an 8th gen laptop with a CPU of Intel Core m3.

It is a stylish laptop that is portable, ideal for any student. Since it is from Microsoft, it is equipped with all office programs like Excel and Word, necessary for taking notes and doing assignments. During your free time, you can enjoy some Netflix movies, thanks to its impressive PixelSense display.

  • Acer Swift 3

At a price of between $659.99 and $899, you get the Acer Swift 3, ideal for all your writing and research work. The best feature of this laptop is its ability to hold power for a long time. This means that you can work on several tasks like class presentations, research, and note-taking, without having to worry about running out of power soon. Above all, it has the best design that enables students to pack in a backpack without worrying about damages.

  • Dell Latitude 7490

The 8th generation with Intel Core i3 laptops comes at a budget between $ 750 and $800. It has a RAM storage space of between 4GB and 16Gb, ideal for storing school work. It has options for SSDs that create extra space in the laptop to save more school work. One unique feature about Dell Latitude 7490 is its speed. When doing research, you can be sure to get instant results that simplify your work. Above all, it has good battery life, which means you can carry along and finish your assignments away from school without worrying.

  • MacBook Pro

If you are a graphic designer student, then the MacBook Pro is an ideal laptop for your study needs. It has a RAM of between 16GB and 32GB, meaning it has adequate storage space. The discrete AMD graphics feature enables the laptop to handle complex graphic tasks. It is durable and can handle all your tasks while in school and after school. Although the device is quite expensive, it is worth the money compared to a range of activities to handle.

  • Asus Chromebook Flip

As a student, when selecting a laptop, you consider the weight since you will be carrying the machine from one point to another. One of the best laptops that help students with their work and is light is Asus Chromebook Flip. At $598, you get this laptop that has excellent battery life.


While in the university, students have a lot of tasks to accomplish. For example, taking notes, writing essay papers, doing research, among others. This calls for an excellent laptop to simplify the work. You can consider some of the laptops as mentioned above, ideal for students, and experience the difference.

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