Keeping track of your customer through customer journey mapping:



A customer is a king for any business. A business’s success is solely dependant on the clients it has and how happy these customers are with the services or the products of the business. Customer journey consulting is one of the most looked out services on the web today. Today, we will be discussing various features that one should keep in mind when getting customer journey mapping done. The key to customer journey mapping is to have a thorough flow of the process to ensure there are no shortcomings. Let’s look at the important features:

Description and Documentation:

The first and foremost thing to make sure that you are able to describe the experience from the customer’s point of view. This will make sure that you don’t be biased towards your own services or products. Then the next important thing would be to document all the various customer segments and functions of the team to ensure they can cater to the customer.

Simple and accurate:

As a part of the customer journey consulting, most of the firms have learned that it is very important to check that all documents are maintained in a very simple and yet accurate manner. The language used should be effective and easy to understand. The documents should clearly have a list of what is happening and what was supposed to be happening.

Information is the key:

During getting your customer journey mapping done, it is important to collect data from across departments in the company and not restrict the information from one or a few departments. It is more than likely that a client would have taken the offerings of multiple departments and his journey with each department would have been different. It is mandatory that you check all the data available through departments.

Real-time interviews:

During the period of building a customer journey map, it is also good to interact with a few clients on a one on one basis or in groups to discuss their experience. There are many circumstances when teams have found a difference in opinions from what has been recorded by a system during data collection. Also, a customer might have changed his/her mind about the offerings of the company from the last time they interacted with the time.

Set the parameters correct:

The whole process is dependant on the fact that the parameters being used to map the customer journey is accurate and as per the industry requirement. If there are any discrepancies here, the company should ensure that it is corrected at the earliest. The last thing one would want is a team going around collecting data about wrong parameters.


Without any doubt, customer journey mapping is a critical factor for a company to thrive in the long run today. It will help the company understand the behaviors of the customers and what they like and don’t like. This will make it a little easy for the various teams to engage with the customers in the best possible ways.

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