Fix Sprint HTC One reboot issue when modifying system files


Fix & Troubleshoot

HTC seems to have increased the level of security of their latest devices, this can be found on the HTC (Sprint variant). This time they give more protection to the /system folder, which means you can’t modify any files in /system, but if you keep modifying the files in the folder such as deleting, adding files or updating root binary when system is turned on, then the device will reboot on its own.


As outlined by some devs, this problem can’t be fixed until the device’s source has been released by HTC. Luckily, there are still a talented developers who can provide a solution to this problem, thanks to flar2 and -viperboy- from xda-developers, who have found a fix by providing his modified “wp_mod.ko” in flashable zip, so we only need to flash it from custom recovery.


Here are some fast and simple methods to fix the reboot problem when modifying system files on Sprint HTC One.

  1. A device with an unlocked bootloader via HTCDev.
  2. Already has installed TWRP 2 recovery.
  3. Grab the latest flashable zip from the dev’s thread here.
  4. Move it into phone storage.
  5. Boot into TWRP recovery and flash it.

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