Easy one-click app “TowelRoot” to gain root on Samsung Galaxy S5 and many others


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Today might be a special day for the Samsung Galaxy S5 owner, especially for those who have Verizon Wireless and AT&T models, since these two variants comes with a locked bootloader which is hard to be exploited. However, today a dev from xda with username geohot has released new root exploit called TowelRoot. If you also have a PS3 or iOS device you may be familiar with George Hotz, both are the same guy.


Although it was originally released for the Verizon Galaxy S5, but it can also be used by several other devices. Geohot says that this app will work for every android devices with a kernel that has a build date before 6 June 2014. Several devices have tested out this app and managed to achieve root, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 active, Sony Xperia SP, Nexus 5, LG G2, Amazon Fire TV, etc. The list will be rising after the app goes viral as time passes.

The root app itself constructed around the Linux kernel CVE-2014-3153 that Allows privilege escalation. If you have antivirus installed on your computer or a smartphone, you might get “Andr.Exploit.Ratc” false positive alerts. You don’t need to worry, however, it’s an exploit app that helps get root access on your device.

The dev also said that this app requires SuperSU app by Chainfire, make sure to install the most recent version of the app, a lot of folks saying to use v1.99r4 or later, or the su binaries will not updating.

Download and How to use TowelRoot by geohot

There is no special procedure to utilize this app, but for those who are curious about how to use this app, here we provide step by step how to use it on your android devices:
  1. Download the TowelRoot apps from http://towelroot.com.
  2. Enable Unknown sources on your phones, normally this option located on Settings > Security.
  3. Install the downloaded app (tr.apk).
  4. Now run the app, just tap the “make it ra1n” button to start rooting.
  5. Let the app perform the root job, wait for about 15 seconds and your phone will restart automatically.
  6. As soon as the phone is turned on, update SuperSU to v1.99r4 or newer.
  7. When TowelRoot work for you, don’t forget to donate.

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