Locked Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 issue, unable to get OTA update


Bugs & Issues

Asus recently released a minor update for Transformer Infinity Pad via OTA firmware version, with the aim to enhance compatibility with some SD cards, better touchscreen sensitivity as well as improved performance and software stability. However it seems that this minor update can’t be enjoyed by all of their users, there are several users who find their android tablet can’t do updates manually. If you have this issue then it is certain that you have a unlockable Transformer Infinity TF700 and when you try to unlock bootloader by installing Unlock_Device_App_V7.apk you will get a Network Issue error message.

This problems which can’t perform any updates also take place on Transformer Prime TF201 when it released, so far there’s no official announcement from Asus relating to this issue and no solution so far, returning your device to the retailer can be the last solution. Some developers also try to solve this problem, but they all failed most likely because the level of encryption utilized is too complex.

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