How To Enhance Your Car’s Battery Power?


Basic How To

There’s no denying that car batteries can easily last quite a few years and that too without any glaring replacements. But, to keep your vehicle battery in good condition and thereby enhance its overall shelf life, you need to ensure that you correctly maintain your vehicle battery.

To learn the proper methods in enhancing your vehicle’s battery shelf life and also knowing the symptoms of when to replace it – we are sharing some significant tips & tricks – with the help of Nissan parts in Wellington.

The Symptoms Of Your Car Battery Dying

The following are some of the glaring signs that you should be looking out which might point towards a car battery replacement:

  • It’s becoming tougher by the day to start-up your car because the battery doesn’t have much power in it to provide to all the vehicle components.
  • You’ll start to feel that the cranking system is slower than before when the ignition system is set to the ‘START’ mode.
  • There will be a fast clicking sound when you turn the vehicle key. It’s a major sign showing that the vehicle has a low battery.
  • Headlights appear to be dimmer than before, which means that you’ll be requiring a car battery replacement.
  • There’s sluggishness when using electrical appliances inside the car, such as the air-conditioning system, the stereo system and the like.

The Ways To Enhance Your Car’s Battery Life

  • To ensure that your car battery doesn’t get exposed to severe external temperatures, it’s suggested that you use insulated sleeves for your car battery.
  • You need to make sure that you check battery terminals regularly. This will help you to spot any corrosive deposits that may form around the battery terminals. In case you do spot corrosion around the battery terminals, it’s suggested that you clean it almost immediately so that you can easily prevent oxidation and thereby protect the area from further corrosion by adding washers.
  • Make it a habit of not keeping your vehicle headlights on. It exerts pressure on the battery and even drains it faster.
  • Ensure that your car battery is properly fixated inside the vehicle bonnet or hood. If the battery is not properly secured, then it can easily move around when driving the vehicle and thereby bump with the other car components – leading to a risk of causing short circuits.
  • Even though you might think that investing in a cheap battery will be useful in cutting down your expense, it will rather cost more in the long-run. This is because cheap batteries caused myriad of problems and it’s shelf life reduces to almost less than half of its original within some months of usage. So, it’s advised to invest in a quality car battery.

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