How macOS Gets Almost Everything Right


Basic How To

Developed by the tech giant Apple, macOS blew the minds of users since it was first launched.  Programmers worldwide fell in love with this highly advanced operating system not just because it was built on top of the UNIX, but the command line OS powers much of the global filesystems and servers.

Besides being loaded with top-of-the-line features, macOS allows you to explore your creativity and stay ahead of others. Whereas Windows 10 platform makes day to day activities such as online shopping, making payments, document editing, etc. easier, macOS helps you unwind the real pleasure of power-packed performances such as superfast gaming, video editing, movie watching and much more. The advanced and elegant operating system gets everything right and allows you to delve into the ultimate pleasures of macOS Big Sur. It simplifies things and makes operations seamless and hassle-free both for beginners and pro. Learn how to backup iPhone on macOS Big Sur and protect the valuable information stored on your iPhone against damage or loss.

How users got hooked on to macOS?

In this technologically advanced era, you need an operating system that can make multi-tasking easier and life simpler. And what can be great other than macOS? Almost everything in it is consistent and predictable, and each new version allows you to work without going through a rigorous learning process. Unlike other operating systems, you can customize Mac according to your desires. The macOS settings come compact in an easy-to-search System Preferences app, and even if you press any key by mistake, a popup message will appear, which will ask for your confirmation.

Nearly 80% of users fell in love with macOS because it allows everything they wanted to use on a PC. In the late 2003’s, when Windows failed to read PDF files or create a VPN, macOS eliminated the necessity for spending on third-party software and made these operations easier. Working with every other app in Mac is effortless. Each app has an in-built Preferences item on its menu which makes customization easier.

According to an article published in The New York Times, Mac OS is certainly a better operating system as it’s easy to use, elegant, innovative and reliable. It’s definitely worth an operating system to switch for users who wish to take their experience to a new level while working on a PC.

Apple has put a lot of effort into revolutionizing its operating system to make life simpler, and each new OS version works incredibly well like the older one.

Locating Folders & Files

Your machine might have lump-sum data stored in folders outside the regular Documents folder, and it’s much easier to locate them on macOS, unlike other operating systems. Mac’s Spotlight search function tracks everything by default. When you search in Mac’s Finder, a box pops up, limiting the searches to multiple file names. Besides, it becomes blissfully easy to work on files and drives. The Mac Finder provides you with a spacious interface to manage photos where you can add tags, mark images, read the Meta tags without opening a separate photo app.

MacOS Makes Document Editing a Breeze!

You must have edited documents on other operating systems in the past right? Now, it’s time to explore how easy document editing is on macOS. TextEdit in Mac comes with tons of great features like Autocomplete, Edit Tabs, Rich Text editing and advanced search. Want your Mac to read aloud your text? You can do that with TextEdit too. Isn’t that just great?

AppleScript Makes Programming Easier

In both Windows and Mac, users with little programming knowledge can still automate the system to perform complex tasks via VisualBasic scripts or Powershell scripts in Mac. Whereas Mac gets the job done right, Windows, in most cases, fails. Mac’s unique AppleScript uses a special scripting language close to basic English. The script could insert information such as address and phone number using commands that look like ordinary language. There’s nothing remotely close to Applescript, and it’s this incredible feature that makes working with macOS pleasing and satisfying.

In a nutshell, macOS has no match when it comes to making life simpler and pleasant. Almost everything on Mac looks perfect, and each updated version of macOS comes loaded with awesome tweaks that make it easier to use. Do share your experiences working in macOS and how it enhanced your experience. We would love to hear from you!

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