How to enable flash support on Galaxy S4 (AOSP Browser)


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You probably wonder why flash content (animation/video) that usually able to run smoothly on a desktop PC, become invisible or doesn’t work when access it through an Android phone, if you are having those problems then it is most likely that your Android version aren’t supported by flash player. You might be not aware that Adobe has ceased support to flash player starting from Android Jelly Bean, they said that HTML5 doesn’t need a flash player in order to play videos, so our new Samsung Galaxy S4 is not supported by flash, since it come with Android 4.2.2.


Maybe the majority of users are not very worried about the absence of flash player on their smartphones since they use it mainly for watch flash videos, but for some people (such as a web designer or a gamer) this is a major drawback.

Fortunately, there is good news for those who still want to use flash player in Galaxy S4 (tested and reportedly working on AT&T model SGH-I337) by taking advantage of an AOSP Browser from Nexus 7, here are some steps that we have to undertake, so that we can enable flash player on our new Galaxy smartphone, thanks to nakedninja42 from xda.

  1. Make sure your phone is rooted, it needed since we have to push a couple of files to the system partition.
  2. Get an AOSP Browser and ChromeBookmarkSyncAdapter files here and also pick up a Flash player app for Android 4.0. The most recent version is Once downloaded successfully move all files to the SD card.
  3. By using root-supported file manager app (such as ES Explorer or Root Browser), open /system/app folder. Locate Browserproxyprovider files (.apk/.odex), you can delete it (but make sure to backup) or add “.bak” in the last part of the file name so that it becomes “Browserproxyprovider.apk.bak”.
  4. Now move Browser.apk and ChromeBookmarkSyncAdapter.apk to /system/app folder, and change permissions to “rw-r–r–”.
  5. Install the flash app (install_flash_player_ics.apk).
  6. To ensure that all applications can run well, a reboot is required.

If you do all the steps properly, then your Samsung Galaxy S4 will be able to load any flash content although Jelly Bean isn’t officially supporting it, just make use of the AOSP browser.

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