College Students Need These Android Apps to Survive


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Are you in college or grad school and wondering which Android apps can help to get you through your busy schedule? You’re probably already aware that there are plenty of available applications for your device, not all of which are helpful. Why not focus on the best of the best and let your smartphone take on some of the burden? Whether you are a young student or an older person returning to school after years away from the fray, it makes sense to put your device to work for you. Not only can it solve some of the most challenging educational chores, but it can even assist with things like long-range financial planning and scholarly research. Here are four of the best kinds of apps for anyone attending college or graduate school.


We’re not talking about the standard calculators you already have on your phone and laptop but about those complex scientific versions that do everything from integral calculus to high-level physics. Beauty of the Android versions is that you don’t need to be a math genius to use them. Many students use these apps as stand-alone tutors. For example, one of the more popular science calculators can not only solve chemistry equations but show its work. That means you can watch the process every step of the way and learn how the equations get resolved.

Apps for Taking Notes with a Stylus

Like to take notes the old-fashioned way but hate using paper and pens? Download one of the many note takers and you’ll be good to go. All you need is a stylus for easy entry. Later on, you can choose to transfer everything to a typeface of your choice or print it out in your own handwriting. If you haven’t yet discovered the power of these little utilities, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many times they come in handy both inside and outside the classroom.

Budgeting Assistants

You have your choice in this category among the complex and the very simple, depending on your needs. If you just want to make a basic monthly budget, it’s easy enough to feed a few key pieces of data into the template and pull up a workable, practical spending plan for every month of the year. This is especially important for students who need to keep an eye on their expenses. Of course, one of the best money moves you can make before beginning our studies it to take out a private educational loan. The big advantage here is that private loans come with no fees or penalties for early payment. Plus, they offer competitive interest rates and can usually cover the entire cost of your degree, tuition included. Taking out a private student loan is a smart first step on the road to long-term financial responsibility.

Content Libraries and Encyclopedias

Everyone has a go-to research source, a favorite Internet-based portal where they can access encyclopedia collections, dictionaries, legal resources, and more. Why not put all those giant databases in a quick, easy to use app? There are a lot of competitors in this niche, so you’ll have to shop around for the one that suits your field of study.

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