How To Take Care Of Your Home Appliances



Home appliances, large or small, are an investment for every household. These appliances have not only made our lives easier, but also help us save precious time that we can spend with our loved ones instead of scrubbing dishes or washing clothes.

We use home appliances like washing machines, microwave ovens, and refrigerators almost daily or weekly, and given the amount of money we invest in them, it’s natural that we would want to get the best out of them, and make them last as long as possible.

Following some simple and basic tips will help you take care of these appliances and keep them running for years. Large appliances, specifically washing machines, and refrigerators come with a guide on how to use, care and maintain them. It is recommended to go through the guide at least once because the better you maintain your appliances, the longer they will last.

1. Avoid overloading your washing machine or refrigerator: It’s easy to see your refrigerator get full to the maximum, especially when you have children. While saving every piece of left-over is a good practice, it is not advisable to stuff your fridge. Too much food can cause all the food smell to get mixed and leave your refrigerator with an unpleasant odour that can even affect your food. Filling your fridge to the maximum will also affect the cooling system as all the food may not get proper cooling, which might lead to spoilt food.

The same stands true for your washing machine. Mind the capacity of your washing machine and avoid filling it to the brim or stuffing it as it may cause soap stains on your clothes or water leakage. It is usually advisable to fill your washing machine only three quarters, or you can follow the guidelines by the manufacturer.

Taking care of this simple yet often overlooked factor can make your appliances last at least a decade, saving you money.

2. Clean or change filters of your refrigerators and dishwashers: Everyone knows that equipment and appliances can malfunction due to the build-up of dust, dirt, or grime. It is advisable to regularly clean or change your appliance filters. If your family regularly uses water and ice from the refrigerator, the water filter should be changed at least every 6 months. Always buy a refrigerator online which comes with a guarantee of at least 1 year!

3. Clean your appliances regularly: Although it sounds the simplest, this is the most common reason for appliance malfunction. Appliances like microwave ovens need to be cleaned and aired out weekly to ensure that food smell does not leave a bad odour. Washing machines need to be kept open for at least half an hour after use to allow for all the moisture to escape, preventing build-up of fungus or bacteria.

Refrigerators need to be cleaned not only from the inside, but also the outside. If you notice cobwebs or pet hair stuck in your refrigerator coils located behind, you should clean it with a vacuum cleaner or use a coil cleaning brush. Build-up of dust and other particles on your refrigerator coils can cause them to work harder, leading to overheating and reduced cooling efficiency.

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