Best Designer Handbags to Buy in 2021



Designer handbags can transform your outfit. Matched with the right dress, your purse becomes more than just extra pockets to carry your items. In recent times, we have come to appreciate frugality even more. Despite our newfound appreciation for conservative living, I still find myself attracted to the allure of a new handbag as the fresh season rolls in.

Every woman should splurge on a good designer handbag every once in a while if you ask me. It’s only right that you pick a bag that will stand the test of time if you’re thinking of investing in one of these, though you can sometimes find a great deal online. I know some people use the Pricedrone UK Price Comparison site, or other options, to scope out a deal on a designer bag, so it could be worth trying out. No matter what option you use, however, I would advise you to go for something classic that is trend-free. The timeless, elegant design ensures that you can call on your treasured handbag through the seasons.

Chanel Classic Flap

The bag was unveiled by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and became an instant hit. The hands-free idea behind the design is one of the handbag’s lovable features. Quilted leather is one of the statement designs for Chanel bags. It prominently dominates this handbag. The bag is suspended from a chain so that you can wear it on your shoulder. Owing to its iconic style, the bag has since spurned thousands of copies, so you have to watch where you buy yours.

Loewe Puzzle Bag

I love Loewe’s concept for the puzzle bag. Even though the name is relatively new in regard to iconic handbags, it is only a matter of time before everyone knows about them. The puzzle bag, in particular, attracted my attention because you can wear it in five different ways. Designed by the creative director at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson, the bag has a plus feature in that it folds flat.

Made from calfskin, the Puzzle bag is buttery soft. There is a subtle luxury in the bag’s simple yet stylish design. While most of the items in this list may cost an arm and a leg, the Loewe Puzzle bag comes at a much lower price considering how much it costs to buy a designer bag.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25 Bag

Designed back in the 1930s, the handbag was made for women whose day keeps them always on the move. The Louis Vuitton Speedy features an elegant design and a sporty feel. With the shape of a bowling bag, the Louis Vuitton Speedy has enough room to store all your essentials.

Every detail about the bag is meant for luxury and comfort, from the rolled leather handles to the engraved padlock. What I like most about this bag is that the designer accommodates personalized designs. You can do this through the Louis Vuitton online store. You should note, however, that bespoke designs may take longer to ship.

The Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

The cassette bag from Bottega Venetta is an exquisite item oozing luxury. I loved the intricate weaving, which is something different. The Cassette bag comes in leather or suede. The design is practical so that you can carry it on your typical workday. A magnetic clasp gives the bag an elegant finish that makes it suitable for official business. The bags come in an array of colors, including bright candy shades and subtle neutrals.

The Dior Book Tote

The tote is a handbag that will never go out of style. Currently, the Dior Book Tote is one of the best selling bags in the market. It’s little wonder why the bag is doing so well. To begin with, Dior makes a gamut of iterations from animal print to camouflage and exotic prints. You could have a tote for every occasion if you wanted. Aside from the many designs, it also has plenty of space to keep all your items.

With designer bags, you’re buying the brand and the bragging rights that come with it and paying for excellent craftsmanship. Take the Puzzle bag, for instance; it takes a nerve-racking 525 steps to piece together.

When shopping for your luxury designer bag, keep some outfits in mind that you think would go well with it. Even though you can’t go wrong with designer handbags, you want something that goes with most of the clothes in your closet.

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